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Which nails suit you best?

Wear your personality with the best nails of 2021

Hey Divas!! Summer is up and most of you might be sticking to your place, in this scenario of lockdown. It has now been a year since those outgoing kinds of stuff and partying has been restricted and all you can do is memorizing them. Isn’t it?

But before everything resumes, why not learn and see what is your best fit from attire to everything, so that you are not out of trend till then? From EVERYTHING, I mean not only your attire but your nails and how you groom them, how you take them according to occasion or dress.

Many of us don’t pay attention to nails and do whatever seems to take the least effort. But it’s not time-consuming at all. Just a small learning and understanding, and you are updated with the best combination senses of nails with attire and occasion.

Get nails according to the occasion


The season of marriage is up and you might still be attending one of your closest one’s marriages. For such occasion, traditional dresses are obvious. Having Mehendi and other accessories on your hand, choose acrylics with art over them. This will give you a long length and wide canvas for your own art style. This can be carried with all your outfits for 4 to 5 days. This will give you the best nail styles for a wedding.


If you are the bride, then it’s your day and you want the best of everything. Nail Lacquer with gold flecks or any fleck other than golden, will be an awesome look since you already carry heavy packs in your accessories and attire. This will attract gazers’ eye else any heavy styling can create a camouflage with your attire.

Keeping the length nominal, choose almond or oval shape as this gives a more traditional feel.

If not nail Lacquer then you can choose nail polish in a light pink shade, combined with golden or contrasting flecks, as it goes well with dark red, pink, orange or even with green wedding attire.

Make your special day, more special with everything you can see in pictures, and nails do appear!!!

Clubbing & partying with friends

This completely depends on what you carry. Nails for clubbing and partying can be done in several ways. If you carry Sequin glitter one piece, go with minimal design on nail lacquer with light shade keep it square or coffin. This will be more classy.

For any other attire also it goes well. Even velvet nails with western wear are trending these days with oval shapes.

You being in camera, is less likely to occur, let your nails do it for you. Let them make gazers catch you.

Pool party

Aqua nails are most suited for the pool party. These are transparent long nails with glittering rhinestones over them. If you have a darker skin tone or lighter both will go well with decorative aqua nails in white and blue shade.

Acrylics never goes out of trend and suits every style. So choosing one here is also a fabulous choice.

Don’t let anything wash out any of your styles, so harden them with small effort!!!

A night out with friends

When you are ready for a night out with friends get ready with bright nail paint and diamond-cut stones on top of it.

Jewel those nails with stars, or choose a chrome colour and club them with golden star stickers. This will brighten you. The alternate is you can also put nude or transparent shade with stars on each nail bed. This gives the perfect nails’ look for a night out with friends.

Make yourself shine with nails on those dark nights with friends.

Stage performer

If you are a stage performer like a show host, ballerina or coffin-shaped nails with French manicure would be a great choice as it goes well with funky attire as well with formal like the sober and classy look.

Gels are a good choice here if you are frequent on such occasions. Combining the nude shade polish and artistic design on one or two fingers are the attraction.

Try with short length almond-shaped nails with velvet nail polish; this will give you a super sexy look with all attire.

Good nails surely show what and how you hold and present to viewers

On dating

Go for some matte or nude style while on a date. Don’t make it too funky or shining, for this creates a too clumsy look. Pair them with a nude shade like light pink, white shade, light blue or a combination of any of these.

Choosing a French manicure or nail lacquer is another good choice. Make sure you are not hurting your partner with your nails being in a romantic mood, so keep your nails short and square-shaped nails would be the best choice.

Keep your romance smooth and not aggressive, with nails too!!

Corporate women/ professional look

BEING professional or corporate women, if you want a natural look takes light pink nail paint with glitters on one or two fingers. If not glitters; choose pale pink matte shade or any matte paint or nail lacquer with a square shape. Whatever you choose get gel nails for office going.

Square shaped nails always go best with a professional look. If length is the requirement then choose coffin shape complete matte paints. French tips are classy too when choosing coffin shape

Above all, for a long-lasting one, you must surely get gel nails.

Foreign trips

While on a foreign trip with friends, choose gel inlay or acrylic nails as they will stay for two to three weeks, and you don’t have to attend them daily and they don’t wear out in any situation for two weeks.

Have long almond shape or squoval shaped nails and get with flecks of colours done on tips. These are the best nail arts for foreign trips carried by you. It’s funky in a sense and also classy.

Get some theme painting done partly on nails if you want location-specific art.

These paintings are usually a choice among travellers

Girls day out

Girls gang always have so much to flaunt their asset in front of their girl counterpart, and they're always a competition to get the best of everything. Go for stiletto nails with acrylic nails done. This gives you a funky style and catches your eyes.

Else get shining black nail paint on almond-shaped nails and art them with chrome colour with some basic designs.

Let all your female friends be jealous of your nails

Don’t let any of your occasion kill your mood, make everything super awesome with small effort.

Which one of these have you ever tried?

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