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What does “Nails” show about your personality?

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Hands are the most important part of the body which are always in an exposure. Isn’t it? They are most exposed part to the outside world and get easily infected. This fact is obvious and we all are aware of this, but what makes us so reluctant to pay attention to the important asset of our hands are nails?

For most of us, this seems unimportant, but the thing is they are the most infected part when it comes to daily households or doing any work in the outer world. Even you are not involved in any such pieces of stuff, they are most infected. Most of us don’t even know that our nails talk about our health. Yes, looking over one’s nails you can tell whether a person is healthy or not. Unhealthy nails show malnutrition, kidney, liver disease and other health problems.

This also shows your personality i.e. if your nails don’t appear good or look dull and unwell the viewer perceives that you are an unhygienic person, which is not a good impression at all. The very first impression you put in the viewer’s mind is through your hygiene practices, which is not only reflected through your attire and makeup but also how you care and maintain every part of your body.

Then why most of us seem to ignore the fact that nail care is equally important and it’s not just an option but a most important part which equally needs care and attention. Nail care is important as it not only ensures your good health and hygiene but also tells viewers that you are attentive in taking care of yourself, which is the most attractive parameter about a person, especially ladies.

What makes women happier?

It’s the smallest of asset being compliment as it makes her feel more confident about her beauty. A proper nail speaks not only about how you maintain your persona but also how you finish it. The reason I have used the word “proper nails” is that for most people it’s still a part of ignorance, where they just turn a blind eye on nails. Still, Even and Elegant nails are the dream of many, which we aim to fulfil.

When I was in my teenage I loved to get a makeover so that I looked more confident and of course I too liked to be adored by people. That was different age when cosmetics and fashion pieces of stuff were at their peak and every girl was a competitor for me. I discovered that loving yourself becomes more beautiful when you care for the tiniest asset of you. It’s not just because you want to look good, but it works like a confidence booster and you appear much different. Looking over this aspect, I thought of starting the new initiative called NALSART, a nail studio in Bhilai, for women and girls who are still confused and thinking. I made sure that everything that comes up in our nail spa must be of comfort to our clients.

Unlike metros, where beauty and makeover have overtaken the prospect of good personality with time, tier-2 cities like Durg- Bhilai still need awareness about what is the importance of nail care and are different aspects of nail treatment. Expense on nails is worth doing when you find how badly we use our nails every second. Be it household work like peeling off something, tearing any packet, unboxing something or just striking your keyboard when you are at work. So making people understand about nail care is gruelling. Similar complexity you find when you step out in tier-2 cities or small towns. Nail artist in Bhilai- Durg are also rare to find, who provide service at comfort zone.

Not everyone cares about the smallest part as they seem reluctant to pay attention. If you want your persona to be more attractive to gazers, you need to be a little attentive as to where to head, and the rest is done!!! You will feel much confident than before. One of the reasons is that not everyone is aware of how to take care of nails and the right way to get it done. In tier2 and tier3 cities, nail artists are rare to find and still much needed.

The concept of nail art to be understood is that it’s a semi-permanent makeup, which is a big market in the cosmetic industry. Hence underestimating nail art is like casting yourself out of civilization. This semi-permanent makeup differs from artist to artist and few nail artists in Bhilai like city provide you limited service. Nail art studios are better places to get you done with nails because one who is not much aware of nail therapy, will find it exciting and nail parlours will be their favourite place. Also, those who are attentive, either won’t make time out of their busy schedules or they are busy with other chores so they don’t feel it worth attending. With our initiative of “NALS ART by Suparna”, a completely new dimension will be unfolded and you would then always be involved with good nails and always die to have those.

Nail artists in town might not provide your schedule according to your time, or you might find it difficult to arrange according to their time. But, but, girls get your hopes up, there is a nail artist in Bhilai who is providing nail enhancement at your comfort. Yes, I do provide everything from nail polish, nail extensions, nail lengthening, to artificial nails at your most suitable time and at every comfort. There is nothing to worry about visiting the parlour in your difficult times or in a busy schedule. Just book an appointment with us at and you are done because the rest is to be done by us.

There has to be prior notice at least a day before you want to get your nails done here.

Like you, I need a schedule to be free and clear, so that gorgeous ladies come out with flying colours of their choice & it’s a win-win for both of us. I would be more contented when I provide you with the best quality service because the aim is, not only to bring one’s money worth but also make one feel admired and satisfied. If you wish to become the centre of attraction in gathering, consult one of the best nail artists in Bhilai, and I promise, you won’t look back after that.

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