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“How to choose Nail Art according to your personality?"

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Type of Nail Art for you to choose”"

Do you know what is the first thing to notice when you are talking to someone? It’s your gesture, right? So what often you use in your normal gesture, it’s your hand, isn’t it? Of course, your hands express much more in gesture and NAILS are the centre of attraction when I talk about hands.

Ladies who do not do household work or are less in chores often visit nail artists, but after sometimes they also seem to be reluctant. The question arises here, why they treat their nails so casual? The reason is people think it’s not the thing to give special care. Let me tell you that nails show our health. Good nails show how you maintain your hygiene and for ladies, who love to attract admirations, pay for them equally. It’s not about expending on nails, that I would suggest you nail artist or some good nail parlour, but because nail artists better know how to treat your nails, what your types are and whether you have some health issue related with it.

In tier-1 cities, ladies pay attention to nail grooming and visit a nail salon. However, they might consider it a matter of luxury, which is not wrong. I agree and favour the same because if you want to make your look expensive, you need to spend some on your nails, which is very important. Just like you ladies, I have been a lover of nails and try uninhibited arts for nails. I think that’s something unusual, most of the busy ladies admire but avoid doing. I won’t say, everyone, ignore this thing. There are also many who love to care and flaunt the tiniest of their asset. I feel, even a DOT SIZED features must be taken care of essentially because that shows the beauty of REAL WOMEN.

Nail art is something still underrated in the cosmetic and fashion field. A proper nail speaks not only about how you maintain your persona but also how you finish it. Nail studios are a new place for ladies to adore. NALSART is one such place where you would see all fine nail arts from nail extension, nail polish, nail inlay, nail refilling and what not.

By the time I grew as an adult I discovered that beauty is not only your beautiful face but the way how you care and define it by taking care of every little thing. There is a little difference between looking beautiful and being beautiful. The place where I grew and learnt is still in very much need of nail artists. Though there are so many Nail Artists in Bhilai, I thought of giving it a new dimension so that beautiful nails are no more difficult to get and maintain.

The nail art tool kit must be one worth spending for. Be it a special occasion like engagement, marriage, anniversary or just a get-together, you get special attention when you have beautiful nails.

There are certain categories of nail makeover that you would love to get on your nails. What exactly are these are discussed, so that none of the art is left unheard for you.

Acrylic Extension:

Artificial glamorous nails are easy to trick to your natural nails, better for those who bite their nails off. Nail lengthening is something where everyone can’t keep a close rein on. For them, acrylic extension is as pleasing as punch. It’s evenly mixed to blend easily with natural nails and provide even thickness.

Be it square shape nail, curvy nails or pointed nails, this fits in all types of nails equally, and you don’t have to worry about how it would end-up!!!

Nail Refilling:

Well, I believe that taking care of nails is equally important even if you have added glamour to it. Though you can think that it can be done at home, I suggest you consult a nail artist or search for nail parlours for the same because they are nail artist & experts and know the pros and cons of the process very well. Nail refilling is a part of it where you need to check out whether it has eroded or has created a void. Because if it is, it can create be host to bacteria, create infection or can make nails like bloating, ultimately, taking away the strength of nails. NALSART takes care of your nails here and plans to provide you beautiful nails than previous ones.

Since it involves the disinfection process and you just can’t take off your added nail extension like that at your place, you will end up taking off the upper layer of nails. You need a professional nail therapist for this so that you don’t lose your nails and hurt yourself. Get your refilling done in proper time from your nail artists to avoid any irregularities.

Gel Nail Polish:

Are you among those who scratch their head on GEL POLISH & NAIL POLISH? Here’s a simple thing for you to understand. Nail Polish is a normal polishing that you can do at home, while Gel Nail Polish is done under UV light for it to stay consistently for weeks, unlike normal nail polish.

So you might think it’s artificial, isn’t it? Let me clear that this isn’t like acrylics, but gel polish is a polishing method on your original nails so on your extensions.

So girls out there don’t be confused with nail polish and Gel Polish. Later one does not weakens your nails, it’s a curing process & goes along with manicures.

Are you in search of a nail artist in Bhilai who would provide you with nail arts according to the occasions and festivals? You have one such choice provided by us “NALSART by Suparna”. Here you would be provided with hand-painted nails according to your needs.

Nalsart is one such nail parlour in Bhilai, where you can visit to get your nails painted for moments or happenings, be it festive, Halloween, get together, any small events or gatherings and it just your mood to go ≥rainbow or butterflies or whatnot. Prior notification would help your nail expert to choose good templates, colours and designs for your nails, so always visit with prior notice or appointment so that you won’t have to jumble around when you reach your place.

Baby Boomer/ Ombre:

Baby boomer aka Ombre is something you would love if you want soft classy nails. The gradually faded shade of white and pink shade is specifically called baby boomer nails. None have an idea about why this name goes with the shade, but we have a thought that may be because it provides you softer shade to your nails. The storyline you will find is, it started after World War II or more specifically after the 1940s. And this shade was much in demand among French and Americans and here the name emerged. French manicures were somewhat different. It is a type of minimal nail art. So if you avoid too shiny and glittering nails, choose Ombre and flaunt the cute shiny nails without fuss.

But, But you can also choose to stick any glitter or false acrylics of your choice over it because you pay for it, so the choice is yours.

Swarovski nail art:

Swarovski nail art might be unheard of for some, but believe me, this is the champ of all arts and given different dimension when it comes to glass, crystal and cut-out arts for nails. It is a different artistic thing that was first developed in Austria. People often relate this with crystal art and glasswork, and the masses think it’s just an upgraded version of these arts. But it’s not, it’s more than that. Swarovski is made out of extremely high-quality glass which provides it high degree of quality.

It’s not a glass, so don’t get confused with it. That has the glance of the diamond as it has a higher refractive index than crystal so steals the view because it imitates diamond.

Now you are clear about your choice once you get to know what exactly it is. I would recommend you try Swarovski nail art, with the finest nail artists of Bhilai at NALSART studio once if you love bright and glittery nails.

To all gorgeous ladies, who want to achieve their beauty goals, must try these flawless services from the best nail artists in Bhilai i.e. in Nalsart studio with best services, because your satisfaction is well paid for us.

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